3 Meaningful Ways to Plan Your Music Promotion Activities

When perceived directly, music promotion seems like a cup of tea. You need to make sure that your music reaches a wider audience. But setting this as your main goal is not the way to proceed. This is because you are only setting up for disappointment if you don’t reach the target. The only way to reach this goal realistically is to have a clear path paved ahead with planning. Here is how to do it. 


  • Determine your key channels


Everyone wants growth, but the trick is to find how to gain it. If you are overwhelmed by the places you need to go to promote your music, then take a pause. Music promotion takes a lot of time and is costly as well. Seek the channels that are most important and focus your attention there. These channels may differ when it comes to genres, styles or communities. There are no straight paths. You need to seek where to invest your efforts you made by creating music at Songmill music studio by doing your due diligence on where the successful artists in your genre are performing well. Always keep an eye on the competitors who are above you, not for copying them, but to have an idea on where to move ahead when it comes to taking the right direction. 


  • Determine the metrics that matter


Once you know which channels to focus on, now you need to need to focus on the numbers that matter to you. There are many ways on Spotify to measure your engagement. Number of streams matter, but Followers and Monthly Listeners matter more. Adjust your goals according to the metrics that you can comprehend and your fanbase as well. But none of this matters if you are focusing on different platform. Get acquainted with the mechanics of the channels you are wishing to target. It helps in linking all your promotion efforts to such metrics and learn which ones to avoid. 


  • Keep an eye on your progress


Sudden growth or viral success is totally possible, but rate of success is rarer when you compare the steady increase in your progress. Keep an eye on the progress you have made and seek the reasons on what made you thrive at certain time. You may have no idea where you may end up without determining the trends in your growth. Keep an eye on how your initiatives create an impact.

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