7 Legendary Bucks Night Party Pranks

Planning a bucks  party can be such a chore but somebody’s got to do for it and you should’ve glad it’s you because with the chore comes the fun part: The Pranks.

It wouldn’t be a proper bucks  party without a proper prank. However, do be careful. Don’t spike your friend’s drink with Viagra without checking if he has some underlying health issues that could result in a serious boner killing him. Leaving him tied naked to a lamp post with duct tape isn’t going to be funny either. Be safe and just make sure that whatever you come up with won’t ruin the party or get you uninvited to the wedding or break a friendship.

  1. The Switch

This is an easy prank for a bucks night Melbourne and it’s a classic. If you have one of those parties away from home, you are likely to share rooms. Wait for the groom to go on the shower and then hide all his clothes. Leave him with one of those Borat type mankinis or a or a really ugly dress and have him walk down the street like a tit.

  1. The chocolate down the pants trick

Get your mates properly sloshed and when he out for the count, stuff a bar of chocolate down his pants and wait until morning when the chocolate would have melted. Watch his reaction when he wakes up to find brown stuff in his pants. He’ll think the last night’s curry and drinking really did a number on him and will be absolutely mortified until he realizes it’s only chocolate.

  1. The Fake Bride

Hire a stripper. Get her to show up at the door with a fake marriage certificate, a fake engagement ring and a bag of clothes ready to start a new life with they guy she got married to last night. It happens in Vegas, it could happen in Melbourne too. Watch him try and fill out the blank spots in his mind. And when panic sets in, the stripper reveals her real identity and gives him a show. At least that one has a happy ending.

  1. The broken leg trick

Get the buck drunk, until he passes out, then plaster his leg. He needs to stay asleep through out. He’ll be confused when he wakes up with his leg in a cast. You can be as outlandish as you want when telling the story of what happened. The funny thing is he might buy it and go on to boast about how much of a man he is to be Walk ng around with a broken leg an not even feel the pain.

  1. In-the-water-without-a-paddle trick

If you live next to a lake or some sort of body of water, wait for your buck to fall asleep then get the lads to put him on an inflatable mattress and into the water. Watch him roll off into the water and splutter in confusion. If he is in a bad way, things can go wrong quite fast so, have the guys on hand to fish him out and hope he doesn’t kill you instead.

  1. The Girlfriend who is one of the boys

Tired of hearing about how wonderful the blokes girlfriend is. He’s been going on and on and you really are just tired of it. This bucks night Melbourne prank is perfect for exacting your revenge by getting the girlfriend to tag along as one of the mates. He’ll be so disappointed when he realizes the big surprise you’ve been going on about for weeks is the same girlfriend he is supposed to celebrate his last night of freedom from. He might be sore about it, and maybe hate you a little but maybe this will spare you the story of how great married life is.

  1. The Hair Dye Prank

If your friends is one of those lads who likes himself so much so that he names his hairstyle something like “The Brian Smooch”, give him a make over. Target his hair. When he is asleep get some hair dye and get creative. Get colors that really pop and make self-centered mop stand out.



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