A new list of Hindi songs to download from the 90s Indi-pop era!


The 90s was the best decade ever! There is no doubt about it. It was the time when our country was developing, globalization had just begun, the internet was a new concept and then there was the music! I am not talking about the trashy Bollywood songs from the movies but the Indi-pop music that took the country by storm. The quality of writing and music in the 90s was so good that you can listen to songs from then even today, and may still find a place in your playlist 10 years later. There are a lot of articles about the songs from the 90s, and they will always be better than the new Hindi songs, download them and check out for yourself. Here are a few of the songs from the 90s era that deserve a spot on your playlist:

  1. O Sanam: Anyone who knows Lucky Ali is well aware of this song. Released in 1996, this song still sounds very contemporary when you listen to it. With the unique voice, deep and beautiful lyrics and the gorgeous backdrop of Egypt in the video, this song is at the top of our list.
  2. Made in India: We just have two words to say about this song from 1995, MILIND SOMAN! This was the time when you would see Milind Soman in a lot of music videos. This single by Alisha Chinai was a huge chartbuster when it was released and is still remembered today. Alisha Chinai will always be synonymous with Made in India.
  3. Janam Samjha Karo: Sung by none other than Asha Bhosle herself and music by Leslie Lewis, this song is a perfect choice if you want to woo someone. With the cute lyrics, amazing music and again MILIND SOMAN, this is a must on your playlist.
  4. Deewana tera: This is from the time when Sonu Nigam was ruling the Bollywood scene as well as the Indi-pop circuit. This single with the haunting vocals of Sonu Nigam was released in the year 1999. It was a massive hit then and still is to this day. You could listen to it on loop all day. The fame of the song was such that it was recreated for a Bollywood movie with Arijit Singh singing the new version.
  5. Sayonee: There was the rock genre of music and there was the Sufi genre of music. We weren’t very well versed with Sufi-rock. And then came a bunch of Pakistani dudes with their band called Junoon and their single called Sayonee that took us all by storm. To this day this song has a very strong fan base.

90s Indi-pop music is a different kind of addiction. You get hooked to it once and it’s tough to let go of it. This was the time when barely had any presence online songs were played on music channels and radio stations. As I said earlier, they will always be better than the new Hindi songs download them and give it a try. 


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