Become a calligraphy expert

calligraphy expert

Calligraphy skills, like everything else, take time to perfect. This guide will help you on your path to calligraphy supremacy as you continue to hone your craft, as you seek to improve the skills you already have. The practice of calligraphy gives you a range of skills and techniques for arranging and writing words so that they display harmony, rhythm and creative depth. Calligraphy is the music of the written word.

The history of calligraphy

Having evolved over the centuries from the tough Middle Ages to the eloquence of the Renaissance, calligraphy has undergone a few changes. Today, it is popular at weddings, ceremonies and other formal occasions that require invitations and menus. It remains important in modern times for many of the reasons it was important in ancient times; it is an expressive visual art, harmonious and skillful in its ways. Handwriting will flourish for a long time to come. 

The best bit? Everyone can learn calligraphy. That being said, it won’t be easy. Calligraphy requires a lot of artistic skill and repetition. However, practice makes perfect as they say and constant work on your ‘strokes’ will help you develop a consistent style.

How to improve your calligraphy skills

With quality writing supplies on hand, you can improve your calligraphy skills with online tutorials and follow calligraphers you like as a source of inspiration. Copy different styles, learn from them, find out what you like and then create your own writing style as an amalgamation of your influences. 

Setting goals

Seeing self improvement is something that will encourage you. At the end of every week, write the alphabet and over time you can compare how far you’ve come. Try working on inspirational words, famous quotes, or words you rarely use too. Write down a new word in your diary every day and you will not only practice writing, but also improve your vocabulary. 

Enjoy your art

The environment you work in is almost as important as the environment you work in. Make calligraphy a relaxing and enjoyable part of your day. Tune into your favourite podcast, listen to music, work on a clean and tidy surface with scented candles. Keep refreshments and snacks nearby. The more you try to create an atmosphere that you enjoy, the more you will enjoy the writing process. Improvement takes time, so why not improve your style?

Becoming an expert isn’t easy, but once you are, oh is it satisfying! So don’t give up, pick up the pen again and let’s do this thing!