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The historical film is a narrative genre that explores the past world changes that led to the structure of contemporary society. If you are interested in writing a story set in the past, below will analyze the characteristics of the historical genre, its narrative structure, and what is the purpose for the public.

The historical film: genre features

What are the characteristics of the historical film?

The essential elements of a historical tale are the following, which I will later explain the purpose of use:

The era or historical context

Whether they are characters that really existed or have been completely reinvented, the historical film must position the characters within a very precise and well-studied historical epoch. It is necessary to have in mind how the society of the time was structured and what were the tools with which we were dealing with work and everyday life. You can visit for the best film choices now.


The social environment and its structure

The environment in which the characters of a historical story move must show the different social roles of the society of the past, which collide and that an important action that has changed history (may have had positive or negative effects) and transformed our present.

The defects and values ​​of the different social roles

The characters who tell the facts of an event that has changed the story have opposing roles and collide showing the defects and positive values ​​of the social classes to which they belong, allowing you to reflect on what is right and what is wrong for humanity.

Uses and customs (lifestyles)

The historical story shows the uses and customs of the society of the past, and takes a look at the behavior of people in their normal daily life of the time, to bring the public closer to an environment that would be too foreign and far from today.

Recalling that things change according to the social step to which they belong, there are some details of the characters, which can make them appear plausible (“neighbors”) in the eyes of the public: show e.g. what and how they eat, how they get food, how they dress, what work they do, how and where they spend the day, how the society in which they live is structured, etc.

The observation point of history

The historical story shows society through the eyes of a particular character who gives us a vision of that social context. And the first thing to do, when thinking about the narration of a historical film, is to understand where you want to observe the story.

Historical events

In the historical narrative, the historical events that occurred in that era can be central to the theme of history, or marginal. In the second case, even if outside the main topic that is being addressed, they must be present, as the company must be influenced by them. Therefore, writing a historical story means having a clear understanding of the events that have taken place and what resonance they have had in that particular geographical context.


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