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Bhuvan Bam is a well-known comedian, YouTuber, singer, songwriter, guitarist and comedian. One of the famous YouTubers of India. His YouTube channel BB Ki Vines is very famous and has more than 10 million subscribers. Bhuvan Bam earns a lot of money from his channel.

Comedy and Love with Music

Bhuvan Bam did not mind studying. Bhuvan Bam was fond of acting since childhood. He used to show his friends various types of comedies and made everyone laugh a lot. He was very famous among his friends.

Bhuvan also wanted to become a musician from the beginning, but his parents had similar thinking to pure Indian parents. Bhuvan Bam’s parents wanted him to graduate first. After that make a career in music.

Bhuvan graduated in Commerce from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi. He then began to follow his passion comedy and music. Gradually it became famous among the people. The Fox Star Company offered him the first song to sing.

Bhuvan Bam worked hard for 10 days and sang 7 songs. But Fox Star Company did not like a single song of theirs. Bhuvan Bam was rejected. Bhuvan was deeply saddened by this failure and said in an interview that “Do not work for anyone for free, even if it is your passion”.

Fame as YouTuber as a Famous YouTuber

  • Bhuvan Bam started his YouTube channel on 20 June 2015. He made the first funny video from his mobile phone and put it on his channel BB Ki Vines.
  • Initially it got very few views but Bhuvan made 3 more videos after this and his videos got 15 likes. Bhuvan was very happy to see only 15 likes. He got a lot of inspiration from this and gradually he started making comedy-filled videos for his channel.
  • Bhuvan Bam slowly started his internet career. He first made a video on the Kashmir flood in which a news reporter was asking an aggrieved woman an insensitive question about her dead child.
  • The video was viewed by 15,000 people on Facebook. He then made the “I’m Feeling Horny” I’m Feeling Horny video which became very viral on the internet and was seen by many people in Pakistan too.
  • It was here that Bhuvan Bam was inspired to create a YouTube channel. He created a channel called Bibi Ki Vines. On this, he makes short videos based on the problems of the common man, which are 5 to 10 minutes.

First of all, his videos went viral in a university in Pakistan and Bhuvan Bam became famous. Gradually, people in India also came to know him. Bhuvan plays different characters in it. All the viewers are very fond of it. Titu Mama’s character is Bhuvan’s favorite character.

Characters from BB Ki Vines

Many of the characters in Bhuvan Bam’s videos are in the same videos. Sameer Fuddi’s character is very funny. It looks a bit silly to look at and says ‘F’ to ‘F’. That is, if Sameer Fuddi has to speak sex then he speaks fax.

Banchhod Das is the second famous character made by Bhuvan Bam. Banchod Das’s famous pillow Kalam is ‘Bancho’. He keeps on talking “batches benches” in between. The character of Tito Mama is very funny. He jokes openly with his nephew. He does the business of recovery.

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