Entrepreneurial Endeavors That Enhance the Education of Youth

Since entrepreneurship is frequently seen as fostering economic growth, creativity, and innovation, it is essential for any nation wishing to compete in the knowledge-based global economy. This point of view has increased interest in creating educational initiatives that support and enhance entrepreneurship.

Teaching entrepreneurship fosters inventive abilities, which are a crucial engine for future development. Teaching about entrepreneurship includes everything from learning to improving skills to developing general aptitude and advancing professional aptitude. It encourages the development of innovative skills that can be used in activities, instruction, and situations that favour innovation. Currently, innovation-driven growth tactics have changed the way entrepreneurship education is conducted.

Better ways to improve entrepreneurship education:

  • Teach more case studies

The subject analysis provides a detailed analysis of a person, group, situation, etc. It can extend knowledge or strengthen existing learning through preliminary research. A case study enables one to understand a complex issue or object and covers risk comfort.

  • Relate visionary content to real business difficulties

Linking curriculum to real-world industry challenges helps students gain experiences, makes them learn, and benefits to become wiser and more substantial. It will shape them to be successful company people.

  • Host entrepreneurship contests

Students learn most when they are out on a competitive planet. It’s more like comprehending from our own experience and developing students against each different natures, the feeling of putting all their actions in the best feasible way to win the game.

  • Invite professionals to teach

It understands the experienced influence the entrepreneurial classes of individuals to learn in different stages of the entrepreneurial process, fulfilling varied roles, such as facilitator in seeing opportunities and developing business ideas in the creation stage, legitimizing during the execution phase, as getting to know successful entrepreneurs creates the act of evolving yourself.

  • Help students launch their businesses.

Multiple universities provide learners with campus recruitment programs, but zero can be better than starting their own business in an economizing plagued by high unemployment. Colleges can partner with small business management and student entrepreneurs to obtain financing, research the market, and build valuable enterprises.

While all of us must bring changes in our educational methods to bring different and optimistic modifications, it cannot be accessible if we do not include any professional help or a professional’s advice. Hence, while researching this article, we dug to find a relevant person who’d fit into the image of someone with insight and experience in this area. 

That’s when we found Billy Frank, the founder of the “Make It Happen Productions” house. And owns the long-time sporting event “The Watts Summer Games,” he intends to make a documentary of the games/ riots and tie it in on how although the rebellion was a horrible time for Angelinos, at the same time, it allowed young people to have a chance to get off the streets and compete in the sport. He enjoys being a part of projects that “make a difference. 

In 2017 along with partners Don Janklow and George Hicker, we held the Watts Summer Games (aka, The USA Summer Games) sporting event for over 500 kids at the LA Memorial Coliseum.

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