Refer to This Guide when Choosing a Wedding Video Style

Not hiring a videographer is one of the most common regrets every couple has. But, you don’t have to, if you are about to get married. We understand that it can be a bit tricky to choose a videographer suitable to your needs, but it is worth it. You need to be comfortable with them and they need to do it in the right style. You may have thought of wedding shoot, give Everlasting Moments wedding videographer a chance as well. Now here you need to think about the style of your wedding video. Know that both aspects go hand in hand to capture beautiful memories. So here are a few styles to get acquainted to.


  • The good ol’ traditional and romantic


If you just want the standard way to shoot your day, then this is the style you need. It captures the most important parts like vows, speeches, first dance etc. Then it involves clean filing and minimal edits. But this video style would capture wedding in its duration with minimal editing that will only give you a footage for a few hours. In modern romantic wedding videos, highlights are involved as well. So, apart from getting the best moments, you may get a few teaser videos too.


  • Cinematic style


This video style captures your wedding day in a styled way. Apart from capturing the important parts of your day, they also focus on little details like décor, ring ceremony and pre-wedding activities. This video style is more like a movie edit but more focus on production of your wedding day storyline. The vows and speeches use overlaid visuals of the couples posing for photos. These shots make a stylized video and create an entertaining watch for you later in the future. This video style may span upon more than an hour but it will be molded into an entire story with music and voiceovers. This is great if you want something extra from the good old traditional and romantic video style.


  • Documentary


This is similar to the cinematic style, but it is longer and more like a movie. But rather than giving a drama feel, it has more of a journalistic feel to it. This video style include interviews with the couple and family before the wedding. This video style also captures the entire wedding day from day 1 to the last in a more linear fashion focusing on getting ready to the arrival in the ceremony, vow exchanging, photo shoots and ending with a reception. Documentaries are great for those couples who love telling their story and want to share their moments before tying the knot.

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