Short Video Apps – A Digital Revolution

Over the past few years, India has witnessed a digital revolution that has got millions of users online. In 2016 when reliance launched Jio, a project of more than $36 billion to bring high-speed 4G internet made accessible even to the poor. Since then, the number of internet users in the country has doubled. Even lower-income and rural Indians now have easy access to phones and the internet. It has also opened a whole new economy for new video apps.

After India’s ban on TikTok in 2020, the Indian apps for short videos quickly occupied this space. As digital media is the future of the county, and the influencer economy is enormous. After the ban on Tiktok, the number of users and creators increased on the Indian short-form applications. The Indian short video apps now have four times more creators than they were on TikTok before it got banned. The creators and influencers make content on local trends and cater to the home audience based on their behavior and the place they come from, and they cover a wide area of genres.

India’s growing fondness for homegrown apps has paved the path for young and budding creators. India now has many short video apps for users to choose from. Apps like Moj, Josh, Chingari, and Hipi are among the top contenders where the creators are willing to post their content. Global apps like Instagram Reels and YouTube have added to the buzz and increased growth. India’s young population is hooked to short video apps, which are available on almost every smartphone.

The consumption of YouTube and Instagram is a staple for the country’s young population, and the apps are available on almost every other smartphone. When Tiktok became immensely popular and loved in India, it encouraged and popularized unrecognized talents. Many commoners became stars by gaining fame and name through TikTok before the government banned it during the pandemic. One such story is of Gaurav Taneja, known as Flying Beast, a Youtuber, nutritionist, and commercial pilot. He is known for his Youtube channel and videos about gaming, fitness, and personal vlogs. Before starting his Youtube channel, he was a commercial pilot for nine years. Fit Muscle TV, Flying Beast, and Rasbhari Ke Papa are his YouTube channels. On Fit Muscle, he uploads videos on fitness and workout tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. On Flying Beast, he uploads daily travel vlogs and live gaming streaming on Rasbhari Ke Papa.

Gaurav Taneja was born and raised in Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh, to parents Bharti Taneja, a teacher, and Yogendra Kumar Taneja, a retired bank officer. He finished his primary and secondary education in Uttar Pradesh and graduated in civil engineering from the renowned IIT Kharagpur. His inclination to fitness and bodybuilding started right from school, where he would visit his school’s gym every day and read about the subject to strike the right balance between bodybuilding and fitness.

Gaurav Taneja, professionally a pilot, entered the vlogging world and video making as his love and passion for fitness. He is a self-made and taught bodybuilder whose tips and advice are appreciated by his audiences and other gym enthusiasts. His passion for fitness and helping people in the right direction helped him start his Youtube channel, Fitmuscle TV. He slowly expanded his videos from this channel to daily vlogs, travel content, personal stories, gaming and lifestyle videos, and other genres. After the successful run of his first channel, Fitmuscle, he started his other two channels. Gaurav Taneja’s wide and diversified talents and interests allowed him to motivate and enamor his audience to achieve their ambitions and dreams like his.

In today’s digitally influenced world, apps for short video content have become a popular form of marketing and branding. To market their products and services, businesses use this video marketing strategy to increase their revenue. As a result, many creators have joined Indian video apps to make a career and earn money. Hipi has emerged as a popular option among GenZ influencers and creators.

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