Switch to Digital Music Distributor and How to Benefit

One of the things that you should know is that music distribution is like the connection between your completed record and your fans who will listen to music in the future. Besides that, one of the most pivotal parts of music promotion is distribution. Earlier the old distributors used to be the only way for people to record the labels and independent artists go their records with the listener. But now digital music distribution has taken the pivotal place i.e., the center stage. In the year 2015, digital exceeded the sales of physical mediums for the first time. For an artist, digital distribution has become the channel for your music to reach all your potential fans.

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Distributors for Digital Music – 

So, you should switch to Digital Music Distributor, as with the help of smart distribution your visibility will grow more. With the help of digital music distribution as many as possible people can listen to your music and it helps you to get paid for the music. The pivotal objective of digital distribution is to get your song on Apple Music, other streaming platforms like Spotify, and social media sites like TikTok, and YouTube. They are like a digital record shop, once your music is put into it then people can stream, buy your music, download it, and so on. In return, you will get royalties, depending on how and where your music was heard or listened to by the people.

What are Digital Music Stores – 

Digital music stores are like the traditional record stores that receive music from digital distribution companies. But here the case is different, instead of sending boxes of vinyl every week, the digital distributors provide music to the major music stores. You can find it online. So, what used to take months and weeks for manufacturing, now it is just as simple as a few clicks. The upfront costs are also less. Digital music sales are a good one and they will continue to rise high. Plus, the income that the music industry makes is clear, and digital is the way to go. The global income of the industry in the year 2016 is as follows –

2016 Income of Digital Music Industry –

The industry received 50% from digital revenues, 34% from physical format sales like CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, then 14% from performance rights like radio, shows, and others, and 2% from synchronization incomes like movies and ads syncs. So, it is important for you to be tactical and create your music and make it available for your fans from where your fans actually hang out i.e., online. This is the simplest way of reaching out to them and it is an easy method. Now, you can save yourself from the trouble of physical distribution – especially if it’s the first album. Start creating an audience and a name with the help of digital releases.

Distributors without Exclusivity – 

Besides all of that, there are several distributors that do not have poshness or exclusiveness in the deals. It also means that you are not giving up the rights to your music, which is a very big thing. Also, if the next record is represented by another distributor, then you can be free to end the agreement (non-exclusive) at any time. You will also get additional perks like recommendation algorithms. This can help the tracks to the fans based on what they are listening to. This is the way in which people discover new music in the digital areas.