The best Christmas carols to surprise your members with, as a webcam model

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Everyone likes music and most people enjoy singing, but only a few actually have a wonderful voice. If you are a non-adult webcam model and fall into the last category, you are really blessed! Given that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are not too far away, you should surprise your members with your hidden talents and you should show them your gifted voice, by singing carols. Nothing is more appealing to men than watching a beautiful woman sing a beautiful song. Even if you aren’t by their side, but rather on the other side of the screen, you will most certainly make their holidays much better.

But what carols should you sing as a webcam model who wants to entice her members and make them spend as much time as possible in the public or private session? Of course, not something childish such as “Jingle Bells”, and not something too classic such as “Silent Night”. Instead, you should find the perfect song that both you and your members can enjoy, and you should make it your own, by adding your personal touch to the lyrics. Our friends at Studio 20 –, the largest and most successful non-adult online modeling agency in the world, helped us with a few suggestions.

webcam model

Chestnuts (The Christmas Song) – “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire / Jack Frost nipping at your nose / Yuletide carols being sung by a choir / And folks dressed up like Eskimos”. It doesn’t even matter if you know the original melody, you can simply read these lyrics in your mind and adapt them for your webcam model show. Your members will most certainly appreciate your originality.

The First Noel – “The First Noel, the angel did say / Was to certain poor shepherds, in fields as they lay / In fields as they lay, keeping their sheep / On a cold winter’s night that was so deep”. These lyrics have a more spiritual and religious meaning, so you should stick to the original song, without turning it into something too funny. As a non-adult webcam model, you should know when it’s time to make fun and when it’s not.

A Holly Jolly Christmas – “Have a holly, jolly Christmas / It’s the best time of the year / I don’t know if there’ll be snow / But have a cup of cheer”. Indeed, for many people, Christmas is the best time of the year and, as a webcam model, you should make sure that the same thing applies to your members. Joking a little, the “I don’t know if there’ll be snow” verse was added by climate advocates.

White Christmas – “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas / Just like the ones I used to know / Where the treetops glisten and children listen / To hear sleigh bells in the snow”. Indeed, these four lyrics remind us all of our childhood Christmas celebrations, with wonderful memories. It’s always a good idea to go back in time, at least down the memory lane.

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