The Best Photography Books

If you do a quick search looking for the best photography books on the internet or you found yourself at, you will notice that the number of titles available about this art is abysmal. Year after year, the quantity and variety of manuals, books and articles that are published is enormous, which can make it difficult for you if you are taking your first steps, where to start.

Photography Step By Step – Michael Langford

Entering the world of photographic bibliography with this book is doing it through the front door. Although it was published in 1978, almost all of its content is still in force today.

Although some of its contents such as development and extensions are only applicable to analog photography, you can take advantage of these chapters to learn a little about the history of photography, while the rest of the chapters will be of great help to you from the fundamentals of camera management to lighting techniques, framing types, composition rules, etc.

The Photographer’s Eye – Michael Freeman

This book is truly a masterpiece that will help you understand what to do with your camera once you have it in your hands.

With this manual, you can take control of each of your photographs since, in a very didactic way, it addresses the principles of composition and design through various examples and diagrams that will help you understand each topic very easily.

The Fundamentals Of Photography. High-Quality Photography

It is most likely that Mellado is an author who, if you do not already have it, have seen it, it sounds familiar to you, or you have looked at some of his books.

Having any of your publications is essential for anyone who wants to learn photography self-taught. With this work with exercises at the end, very didactic and clear, full of practical advice and useful information, you can go much further than you imagine.

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