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With the pandemic situation, all of you may be bored with staying at home. And you may be looking to watch the latest movies which have comedy as well as emotions to know what the relations are. For your wish, here is the movie ‘Johaar,’ where you can stream the best possible emotions with the addition of comedy to get entertained.


The movie ‘Johaar’ has a different sort of story where you can steer your eyes when you visualize the movie.

The story is about five unique stories where they struggle to get their lives moved on with the interaction of politicians in their lives. There is a young dynamic in the movie where he wants to relocate his father’s big statue in his locality with the public funds to create a history in politics.

Plus points

The director has shown the politicians and how their decisions influence the common people in a meaningful way. And also highlighted the five different stories in a regular storyline. Director has shown his intentions clear about how the present world is run by corrupt politicians.

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Technical Aspects

The director has selected a good cast, which has given him a good image after the release of the movie. And locations that he has selected for the shooting are very natural and perfectly matched for the story. Dialogus has created much comedy in the movie. The overall director has directed the movie with a good theme to get attracted to the audience.

Cinematography: Good

BGM: Okay


Political leader Krishna Chaitanya’s action, is the main asset of the movie. His action is natural and performed well. NainaGanguly has acted very well and also fulfilled her role. Actress Esther Anil has been shown very well by the director to give the best impression on the movie. All other characters also acted well as per their given roles.

Cast and crew

Actor: AnkithaKoyya

Actress: Esther Anil

Other characters: NainaGanguly

Director: TejaMarni

Producer: Sandeep Marni

Music director: Priyadarshan

Release date: 15th August 2020


The Johar movie is based on a political era where you can notice a young politician whose wish is to build a statue of his father with public funds. But with his decision,  five people have been struggling to get their lives settled and also faced many problems to get their sanctioned amount for them. You can learn a lot about how our current political system in the country, and how corrupt leaders are also ruling how their decisions are impacting the common people.


The movie Johaar has the best political drama based story. You can learn some lessons while watching it. If you hate the current political scenario, definitely, it is a must-watch Telugu movie. Background music is composed by the music director Priyadarshan. The movie contains action, emotional sequences that touch your heart as well as comedy to get the audience entertained. Include to your weekend Telugu movies download list.

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