What is all of it about the Scavenger Hunt App?

You face up obstacles, solve them utilising huge minds, as well as make incentives. Yes, it is as easy as that! The goals and tasks in the app are developed to examine your reasoning capability to the limits. When a gamer overcomes all the challenges, as well as addresses the secrets of the video game, s/he wins the most points which can be developed into rewards!

Individual Circulation of Scavenger Hunt Application: 

Scavenger Hunt App is easy to configure as well as easy to use:

  • Develop your witch hunt. Begin by producing your own witch hunt within seconds
  • Include missions based on your wishes. Tailor the goals and tasks totally based on your needs
  • Welcome your good friends to play. Obtain your good friends to your tailored Witch hunt & allow the fun to start
  • It’s Playtime. Players are required to get over the objectives in order to win
  • Track Live Outcomes. Check on gamer performance in video games and analytics interaction at any moment

The Free Scavenger Hunt App allows you to be Innovative.

  • In a lot of Ways

Create difficulties that test your customers’ cognitive limits. The developers care for the selection, you simply leverage them to produce interaction.

  • Photos 

Static photos improve creative thinking degrees and create engagements that are born in mind for a long time

  • Videos

Video challenges raise interesting tasks for the target market and produce fascinating experiences

  • QR Code

The gamers are needed to create approaches in order to locate, as well as scan particular QR codes

  • Q&A

These challenges are amazing for quizzes, facts along with one-to-many inquiries


Area-specific tasks ask users to reach a particular location and check in on the application to complete the challenges.

  • MCQs

Multiple Selection Concerns always amount to the fun, as well as develop more durable involvement with trivia, MCQ games, as well as more interactive jobs.

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