Why Piano Is The Best Instrument To Learn First?

Learning a musical instrument is the main desire of many people in the world. But the only complexity people face is that they cannot pick the right instrument for learning as a beginner.

Choosing your first instrument right is very important for the quick growth in the music learning process. Especially, if you want your child to learn a musical instrument then you have to carefully choose the instrument matching his ability level.

According to some top music experts, to build a strong musical foundation, piano is the best instrument, especially for children. Moreover, there are many top-rated music schools in New York that offers ease of learning in this highly popular instrument.

By joining a good music school New York, you can learn the best piano playing techniques without hassle. Here are some reasons that will convince you to choose piano as your first instrument.

  1. Solid Foundation

Piano is the only instrument that offers a wide range of notes than any other musical instrument. Students can easily and quickly pick up the music theory due to an easy arrangement of all keys and notes.

The arrangement is very simple in the piano music instrument with higher notes on the right side, lower notes on the left side, and a clear distinction between sharp and flat keys. This solid foundation builds on reading music will help students to quickly make their good hold on other complex musical instruments.

  1. Good Sense of Pitch

Piano learning will also help students to develop a better understanding and sense of pitch. Students can learn to create a perfect sounding note with proper training and consistent practice on a properly tuned piano.

Especially, learning piano at a very young age can help in developing a pitch. This, in turn, helps them to quickly and easily distinguish notes.

  1. Improved Coordination

While learning piano, students learn to use both left and right hands simultaneously. This process helps them to develop improved coordination of hands and brain.

When two sets of notes are played at the same time then it helps in strengthening the progress and coordination of mind. This type of effective coordination helps students to perform better in many other areas of life.

This means your child will not only score better in music class but also bring high grade in other subjects as well.

  1. Ease of Learning

Piano is a very easy instrument that can be learned by adults and children as well very quickly. There is no buzzing or any unpleasant sound in the piano playing that mostly happens with many other musical instruments.

You simply hit a key on piano keyboard and it will make a clear sound. Moreover, there is no need to tune it each time as learning to tune is always more difficult and time-consuming. Piano does not cause any discomfort while playing as you simply sit and hit the keys with your fingers.

  1. Has More Notes

Piano is the only instrument that offers every type of notes that you can find on any other instruments. You will not find any other instrument that contains any different notes which are not present in the piano.

This is the biggest reason that makes the piano the most suitable learning instrument for beginners to learn. Plus, it gives the most immediate results to make any sound by simply hitting the keys.

Final Thought!!

When choosing the musical instrument for your child, you simply cannot go wrong on the selection of the first instrument. Thus, it is very important to give your child proper training through a good New York music school.