Why Soundcloud Plays Are More Important Than Those On YouTube?

There are lots of comparisons between these major music platforms. Ones suggest that the first one is better, and others claim a win of the other one. If we look at the facts, we can see that YouTube is winning major on the number of users.

Around 1 billion unique visitors come to YouTube each month while 175 million do the same at SoundCloud. The difference is huge, isn’t it? However, even though there are more unique visitors on the one, people still say the other is more relevant to the music industry. Why? If you want to learn more about this platform’s stats, click here.

Let’s take an example. The famous rapper Lil Pump started its career on SoundCloud. His most popular song is Gucci Gang. The song on this music platform has around 136 million plays. The same song on YouTube has almost a billion.

Let’s mention the facts again. Lil Pump is a rapper that started its career in a place that has fewer visitors and fewer plays. That means this network has way more credit than any other because it produced an artist who became a worldwide success in the mainstream world even though its original creating place was the underground.

The music was made for the alternative scene, but it became a global success creating a new wave and a new genre of music called mumble rap. Has this ever happened on YouTube? No, it didn’t.

Now, SoundCloud plays are important for something else too. Without them, you can’t make it there and if you can’t make it there you certainly won’t make it anywhere else. To get more you need two things. Great work with amazing tracks and an excellent marketing strategy.

The work is your own and no one can interfere with it. It’s up to you how you’re going to create when you’re going to upload and what you’re going to upload. When it comes to marketing, you need some help, that’s for sure.

You can’t be both an artist and a marketing specialist. That’s completely normal, of course, but without it, you can’t make it in the world of music. It doesn’t matter if we talk about the mainstream world or the alternative scene, there’s no way to become popular unless someone helps you with it.

Marketing companies charge a lot of money for doing marketing plans and strategies. Just to ask a question and get an answer will be charged by them. It’s really expensive trying to work with them. Luckily for everyone, there’s an easier way.

This way is finding some of the web pages offering to get you more plays on your songs by paying a small amount. You can get 1000 of them for as low as $7. Do you know how much time you’ll have to wait until you get an actual 1000? An eternity.

Why are these plays so important?

The first few thousand are crucial for creating an image of small popularity among the users of the platform. No one will take you seriously if you have no plays whatsoever. If you have a few thousands, people will think that you’re already breaking through and will show interest in being a part of your path forward.

So, instead of having 7 plays total, you can have 1876 and everyone that comes to your profile will try to be one of the first ones to actually listen to your music. If they like what they hear, they’ll gladly share your music.

Some might ask, but won’t they do the same without buying the plays? Well, research showed that people are less likely to share something that no one else shared an interest in. People like to have a feeling of being connected and they like to belong somewhere. So, if you show them that you don’t belong anywhere, they won’t show interest in your stuff either.


Now you know why SoundCloud plays are more important than those on YouTube when you’re trying to become a success. YouTube has more visitors, but careers are made on SoundCloud. Do everything you can to make a career there.

To make a clear conclusion, you can’t make it without a little push from the pros. If you think that this is cheating, think again. How do you think these pages exist and how they make a profit? Everyone’s doing it and you’ll just be another fish in the sea.

The difference must be in the quality of work. If you do great tracks and have help from these pages who can provide likes, plays, followers, it means that you’ll have an advantage in the race for the first place. Don’t hesitate to do it!

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