Realizing The Importance Of Life – The beautiful “Star Pianist ~ Fairy Tale” will warm your heart.

We found a lovely story about a star pianist and a little girl named Aine. 

This story was written by a Japanese author / musician called Akihiro Nakasute.

According to Akihiro, he first wrote a poem, which eventually became a fairytale in a couple of years. He wishes for you to enjoy the journey of the star pianist and a little girl named Aine.

Let us quote from this beautiful book.

Far, far, 

far away, 

for a moment, 

the stars twinkled.

The stars began to twinkle 

and shooting stars 

streaked across the sky.

Aine could not stop crying.

Aine hugged the book 

and looked at the little full of stars.


“Thank you.”

“Thank you, star pianist. “

“Many, many thank you.”


Then a small voice came 

from somewhere far away.

It was the voice of star pianist.

“Thank you.”


By reading this excerpt, you can undoubtedly see how amazing this book is. 

Book Description

Don’t forget, love, peace, and the importance of life.

A tender, warm, and heart-warming story about a pianist from the land of the stars and a little girl.

One summer day, a girl goes to a local sports day and explores an abandoned school.

Then she finds an old upright piano in the music room, where she meets a star pianist and takes a heart journey, a story of love.

This fairy tale is for everyone from children to adults. Grownups will reconnect with so many forgotten aspects of life from this sweet book.

If you are interested in the world of “Star Pianist ~ Fairy Tale”, please check out this YouTube video.

Also, you cannot miss the English version, which is available on Amazon Kindle.




We can’t wait for you to read it and discover this world of magic!


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