Why Buy A Used Upright Piano

The available range of used upright pianos encompasses the brilliance of traditional instrument construction. With beautiful materials used to develop ergonomic designs, these instruments are perfect for musicians of any skill level. Suited to smaller settings like homes and classrooms, these more compact designs produce rich, full tones. These options are more than a stunning range of high-quality musical creations. They are master-crafted works of art with unique and beautiful characteristics. Browse the full range, or read more about the selection. 

A Manual Hammer

Many digital models will boast and highlight the realistic action and sound of the instrument. Still, in reality, the older, used models are usually manual and provide a much richer playing experience. When looking at a second-hand range, it can be more of an investment to go for non-digital options as they can be properly cared for and restored. It can also be incredibly hard to replicate the sound and feel of playing with more weighted key actions, making older digital models counter-intuitive, especially to more experienced musicians. Playing the instrument in its “natural state,” so to speak, allows for a more in-touch experience with the piano, educating you far more on the power of velocity in music. For those who have played extensively on a digital keyboard, moving to an older manual option offers a much more satisfying experience as many technical skills are much more difficult to achieve on the key action of a digital option. And with the second-hand label, you will also take a pretty weighted win on the price.

The Top Brands

These stunning instruments encompass top brands with a worldwide reputation, as these creators have become known as an industry standard for craftsmanship and a dedicated focus on perfection. The beautiful instruments have been made to create pure and delicate chords that ring out from their box. While new models can often be pricey, forcing many to opt for lower quality instruments, the used section gives you access to several top brands that are reduced in price due to the “previously loved” label. Much like a classic car or violin, these pieces hold an unmistakable sound that lets the note ring out clearly, giving out a definitive ring that only one of these pieces can, unlike the digital counterparts, which cannot correctly mimic the sounds of these boxes. From the newer, modern designs to the traditional classics, technological additions, and unique requests, the same high standards of craftsmanship have remained throughout the manual piano range. When you run through the second-hand range of instruments, you will undoubtedly be surprised by the top brands you can find for great prices. When you buy from a reputable store, you also have peace of mind knowing these instruments have been cared for and restored before being given to you. This access to high-quality instruments is the best reason to shop secon-hand from a trusted supplier, online or in-store.

When looking for a used upright model or considering the newer range, these beautifully crafted musical instruments can offer you decades of enjoyment and learning. Whether you are a skilled musician or just starting to get the hang of it, these stunning designs can lend their awe to your growth. Finding the right instrument for the right price can often be tricky, but with this selection, you can reduce your cost of buying while getting yourself something truly wonderful to enjoy. With pure notes and comfortable keys to play, you can choose from the range of sounds and aesthetics to suit your style. In addition, our professional range of previously owned instruments has been restored and cared for, to ensure you get a beautiful instrument you can play. Contact us today to find out more about these products.