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Vinyl stores are still popular even with the advent of technology. Unlike a few years ago, buying vinyl is very easy. First, there are many good record stores in Adelaide where you can avail quality records of your old favorite artists. Whether you just want to listen or purchase as collectibles, these stores have got you covered with all the records you need. 

But, you don’t need to walk downtown or long distances to the offline stores to buy records. You can now purchase them online and enjoy great convenience. Buying online also allows you to save time and money. However, online shopping requires a lot of care, especially when it comes to vinyl records. We’ll talk about that and more below. Keep reading. 

Access Record Stores in Adelaide over the Internet

You can find any vinyl record you want online. Whether you want that elusive rock and roll record or that huge northern soul 45, the online platform has everything for you. But, it can also be disappointing if you don’t practice care enough. So, before you start shopping for your vinyl record, you should consider some things. 

How to Buy Vinyl Records Online

You should pay attention to the grading standards that the seller offers when buying vinyl records online from sites like eBay. The seller needs to demonstrate a clear rule on how they grade their records. As much as you want to purchase vinyl records; you also need to enjoy value for money. 

While buying vinyl records online, remember that different sellers grade their records differently. Check the reviews the seller has received from previous buyers. Has the seller received a lot of positive feedback from these buyers? If not, avoid that seller. Such a seller may also not have a clear grading standard. 

But don’t walk away too quickly from a seller just because they lack a clear grading. You can find great records that other collectors haven’t discovered. You could find a steal on that rock and roll that the seller has gained little to no feedback for at a discounted price. Nevertheless, that can be risky. 

Don’t Buy From Standalone Websites

Buying from standalone websites can also be very risky. That’s because you’ll hardly find reviews on the products. In other words, there’s little information about the merchandise from previous buyers. Ask for visuals such as photos or videos before buying a record from a seller with a private site. Additionally, ask then if you can make payment via Google marketplace or PayPal. These payment options have recognized track records of protecting their users. 


You must also make sure that the seller has put in place clear means of contacting you. If you’re not able to reach the seller in case of any question or clarification, you should avoid buying from them. Even if there are clear means of communication, avoid a seller that takes forever before answering your call or text.  

What about the Return Policy

You also need to check and familiarize yourself with the seller’s return policy. Sometimes, you can make an error while checking the quality and status of the record online. In case you realize that it has a problem when you’ve already paid for it, you should be able to return it. So, ensure that the seller can allow you to return and get your money back. Reputable sellers have a clear, customer-friendly return policy. 

The Means of Shipping

Don’t forget to ask the seller about the shipping of your vinyl records. The record needs to be shipped safely so it can reach you without getting damaged. The shipment process should also not take too long. You should also have an opportunity to choose how you want to receive your product – at your office or house door or be dropped at your chosen location. 


Buying vinyl records online has never been easier. Record stores in Adelaide have an online facility where you can purchase the records you want from the comfort of your home. Ensure you follow the above tips while buying records online.

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