‘Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’ is a very interesting album

‘Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’ is a very interesting album that comprises of ten-hard-hitting tracks, which listeners can enjoy while playing repeatedly. The album is full of collaboration, emotions, deep bass beats, synths, and adorable rhymes. The album has mix music of the late 90s and early 2000 hip hop music very intelligently. Many times, you can enjoy the horror elements. Here is the link to the album : https://open.spotify.com/album/7yirgHe199ia5kBFF1L68w

The album generally gets started with a haunting piano accompaniment, which brings lots of energy in the listener with the bass drum. The very first song, ‘T-REX’ as the name applies, brings fire in your body and also melts your face at a certain bar. The lyrics are quite easy to sing along. Another track ‘Run’ is just like a previous track played by a piano that depicts the energetic beat making you appreciate the inner psycho.

Most of the time, music lovers like to listen to some interesting and appreciating stories of artists who overcome different challenges and gain the victory. YT, in this album, tells his tale of his potential way of gaining success in overcoming the drug addiction issues. Now discussing the ‘Dark Deals,’ it shows a dark, ominous and brooding side of the artist and pulls the listener with piano accompaniment. The heartfelt lyrics will surely make you fall in love with these songs.

Next in the list is ‘Marvin,’ which starts with a spacey and world instrumental YT factor. The song is asking the haters what to do. In the ‘Boogieman,’ there is an atmosphere created just like Eminem does. YT is fully helped by Mr. Grey, which is giving an excellent throwback to horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street. After listening to this song, you can get nightmares and find it unable to get the sound sleep.

The favorite song among the music enthusiast is ‘Manical Pain’ that starts with a vocal opening. After this, the music will take you to experience insane rhymes while balancing the melodic vocals. In this song, YT gets the support from Rick-E and Lo Key, who help him to explain his pain and confusion.

‘Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’ by Auston Arndt gives you a rollercoaster ride of different emotions. If you are a fan of the 90s and 2000s rap music, this album should be there in your collection. The latest technique of sound is used for making this energetic album. Enjoy listening to the amazing journey of this amazing musician and add all the tracks in your playlist.

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