Three Things to Know Before Enlarging an Image

Photographs hold the dearest and most cherished memories and to keep them safe, and people tend to enlarge them to frame it and keep it in a visible place. The ability to enlarge a photo to any photo size is the characteristics of a high-quality image. As important as it is to expand these photos, there are many factors to be considered and one has to have in mind some specific knowledge while taking the pictures. When all these are known at the initial stage of taking the photos and editing, enlarging the image in the future would not pose a problem nor will it damage the job well done for other sizes. Below are three essential things to know before enlarging an image.

Resolution: this is an essential thing to Know when considering enlarging a photo. The resolution of an image refers to the number of individual pixels that makes up the entire photo. An image with a high resolution must be made up of numerous amount of pixel to avoid the issue of pixelation when the size is increased.

Dots Per Inches: dot per inches, DPI of an image refers to the measurement that shows the individual dots that forms 1 inch of such image. It is one of the things to bear in mind when considering enlarging the image size. The DPI of the image to be printed must be above 150 to avoid a low-quality print, and this can be checked and adjusted using a photo editing software.

Pixelation: this is a problem encountered when trying to enlarge the size of an image. It is caused by increasing the size of a bitmap. A bitmap is a type of photograph that is composed of pixels, and a good example is a JPEG image. This problem can be solved through a photo editing software or by using proper camera settings when taking the photo.

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