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MMBTV Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence in Music and Art

(Oakland, CA, 04 September 2023) – The 6th Annual MMBTV Awards, a night of glamour and artistic brilliance, took place on August 27th from 5 to 7 pm in the vibrant city of Oakland, California. In honor and recognition of the vibrant pool of talented artists and their creative contributions to world music, the event was hosted by the esteemed Dr. Letitia Wright and presided over by Gail Decatur, the Chapter President of Delta Zeta Delta Sorority.

Notably, Matt Thompson, won Best Breakout Single.
Pam R Johnson, Best Poem and Best Lyrics in the R&B/Funk category.
Phantom Power Best Rock Lyrics
Gregory Hickman Williams posthumous Best Lyric Video award

The electrifying summer vibes were brought to life by Eye’z Summer Jam of ’23, Ceetus Yesk, triumphed with the Best Short Film. A testament to her enduring contribution to music, emerita of song was bestowed upon Sharon Manuel.

Alien Amor, who enthralled the audience with two captivating songs, left an indelible mark on the evening.

Gail Decatur, reflecting on the event, expressed, “My Music Block Awards was truly a creative and inspiring event. Acknowledging the gifts and talents of local artists provides incredible inspiration to the art community. Events of this nature must be celebrated by all.”

Snippets of this unforgettable night will be featured on the WrightPlace TV Channel on Roku, Apple TV, and and Amazon Prime.

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