The Best App to give the Perfect Opportunity for Musicians

Every individual wants music as the best entertainment to relieve their tension and frustration. Music helps them to feel free and acts as a delightful companion. There are quite a larger number of online applications available to book the best musician or live bands. The muso app is to best to choose the live music bands in Australia and acts as a gateway between artists and hirers to market the musician talents and helping the venues to book for an ideal talent. It is a gig-booking application to create opportunities for entertainers and to have live music everywhere, and they support both international and local music. They don’t charge any amount for creating an account for both artists and hirers and assist you with any queries thru live chat or electronic mails. It supports personal computers, iOS, and Android devices and you can download it easily for free.

The entertainers can set their profile, schedule calendar, and access their bookings easily. They assess the performers based on their experience, content quality, and stage presence. Muso gets the commission of 15% for the new gigs, and they charge nothing for the existing gigs or the artists have a good relationship with the venue. For pre-existing, they help to access invoices, payments, and bookings. It secures all the incomes, makes the career profitable, and aids in offering a safe environment for the performers.

The artists can have all their collections organized in a place along with the contact and equipment details. They assure to make payments for the gigs in less than three days, as the payment gateway is secure and fully automated. It raises the invoice and sent to hirer and artists, and monitors the payment success. The hirers or venues pay the agreed amount to Muso, and they will pay for the artist thru Pinpayments. They secure the process and encrypt all the confidential data of their clients. The artists can track the details of the total earning in the application and file for the income tax return.

As a hirer, it is very difficult for an individual to find the best musician, fees negotiation, paying them, organizing the event, communicating with them are more complicated and nightmare. But you can achieve everything with the help of the muso app. It is a free platform that helps you to hire the best quality live bands to entertain your audience. They accept all credit cards, debit cards, or online payments for the gigs. They raise the invoice and sent it to you, and raise the remittance for you. When the booked musician cancels the booking at a last-minute, they assure to give the full refund for the hirer and the probability of canceling the venue is very low.