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YouTube is by far the largest video platform in the Netherlands and in the world. Developments on this platform follow each other at lightning speed. This makes it difficult to keep track. That is why we publish a monthly overview of five interesting YouTube developments, new features or inspiring stories on Marketing facts. This time: why videos go viral, Augmented Reality, notifications and YouTube on TV.

This video went completely viral, but why?

Recently a video from the Canadian YouTuber Derek Muller of the channel Veritasium went viral and achieved more than 34 million views in a short time. Chances are you also have the video ‘ Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir? ‘you have seen it as the recommended video. Following this success, Derek released a new video: “My video went viral, why?” In this interesting video he explains why the video went viral, how the YouTube algorithm has changed in recent years and what effect it has on many successful creators (including burnouts and a lot of stress). Also listen to how the successful YouTuber ‘struggles’ with the YouTube algorithm. As you buy youtube subscribers you can find the best option now.

“Smaller channels now have a better chance of getting more views on videos quickly”

The goal of YouTube is not to make individual creators successful, but to keep the users happy by holding them on the platform. As a result, fewer and fewer subscribers are seeing the videos of the channels to which they are subscribed, but the algorithm serves other videos that make people watch longer. As a result, channels with many subscribers get fewer views less quickly than before. The big advantage is that smaller channels have a greater chance of generating more views quickly.

In the end Derek came to the two most important factors to go viral:

A high watch time on your videos is crucial

Users must watch a large portion of the video. Derek came from experience with a minimum of 7 to 8 minutes of viewing time. Good scoring videos are therefore almost 10 to 15 minutes long to achieve this.

A high CTR on video preview

This means that titles and thumbnails are and will remain extremely important to score well. The big disadvantage is that this also promotes clickbait titles and sensational videos. Something that in the longer term can be detrimental to YouTube as a whole, and with which Derek also struggles. Check for more details there.

If you are even more interested in the mechanisms to go viral, I recommend you to view this TED-Talk from the publisher of BuzzFeed, Dao Nguyen. In the video she explains why their videos go viral and what the underlying mechanisms of those videos are.

Test with Augmentend Reality lipstick

Many consumers use YouTube to determine which products they will buy. In fact, research shows that more than 50 percent of shoppers use online video during the purchasing process. Certainly beauty-related videos are extremely popular on the platform. To help shoppers even better during the lipstick purchasing process, Google has launched an augmented reality (AR) add on. With this AR add-on, beauty fans can immediately see in the YouTube app which color lipstick is in their possession. MAC Cosmetics was the first brand to test this AR Try On in YouTube. This showed that 30 percent of the viewers activated the AR experience in the app. Those viewers also tried the virtual lipstick for 80 seconds. The AR functionality is expected to be rolled out further in the coming period.


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